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Longherb Health Products (LHP) Company

Longherb Health Products, Inc.


Dr. Sean Wu graduated from Zhongshan University of Medical Science in China. He was a Medical Doctor (MD) in a provincial hospital in Guangzhou (Canton). As a pharmacist of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist for 5 years, Dr. Wu worked in the Guangzhou Medical Company and was responsible for researching and purchasing Chinese Patent Herbal Products from manufacturers for 2 years before becoming a MD in China. He has knowledge of thousands of Chinese herbs and Patent Herbal Formulas.

In the United States, Dr. Sean Wu received a Masters Degree of Neuroscience (MS) from MUM, Iowa, USA. He worked for Dr. Kim Smith, MD, as a MD Assistant and was responsible for treatments with acupuncture and Chinese herbs under Dr. Smith's supervision.

Dr. Sean Wu learned the Eight Hui Converging Acupoint System under the supervision of the famous Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, Dr. Shekwoon Ng (Wu). Dr. Shekwoon Ng (Wu) practiced professionally the Eight Hui Converging Acupoints, as well as acupuncture and TCM for more than 50 years in Canton, Hong Kong and the US. Dr. Shekwoon Ng (Wu), who is a licensed acupuncture doctor in California, was President of the International Acupuncture College of Canton, China and Hong Kong. He is Honorable President of United Acupuncture of California, Oriental Medicine, Ph. D. of S. F. Acupuncture University, and is listed in "Who is Who in California" of 1987.

Dr. Wu (email to: and Sam Campbell founded LHP, Inc. (Longherb Health Products, Inc.) in 1990.

Longherb Health Products (LHP), USA: Phone or SMS: 1-626-675-9908.

Dr. Wu and Longherb Health Products., Owner of Four Business Web sites:

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Longherb Health Products (LHP), USA since 1992
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