Ripened ("Cooked") Yunnan Old Tree Pu-Erh Tea Black Disc -Pu'erh Cake (Code: T041)

340 grams (12 oz), about 3-4 years old. Used about one teaspoon each time for 4-5 cups; one disc is for more than 50 times or 200 cups in total. On Sale!

Foo Joy or Dong Ming trade mark from Hong Kong Tea Clipper Co., Ripened Pu'er loose tea black disc from Yunnan, China.

Pu-Er is completely fermented tea, the only kind of teas that improves with age much like a fine wine. It is a collectable tea. Many Pu-Er tea collectors in Asia treat it as an investment. 

Pu-Er loose tea is traditionally compressed into a variety of shapes and sizes for easy storage, included bricks, frisbee discs ("tea cake"), blocks, mushrooms, birds nests or other shape. The most common and famous one is Pu Er Disc. The best comes from the Yunnan province in South-Western China.

How to Make best loose Puer tea drink: 

You may increase the amount of Antioxidants and decrease caffeine by making tea in correct way! Follow these steps to make a cup of good Pu Er tea: 

Select Pu-Er disc or Loose puer tea brewed to make tea rather than regular tea bags and use a fine stainless steel filer or a paper filter sack (No filter bags are needed for our special Puer Loose Tea Blocks). For tea disc (tea cake), it's better to break the disc into very small pieces 2 weeks ago and keep the loose tea in a tea can. Add boiling water to rinse for 30 seconds and throw water away;

Use the best water, if possible, to make best tea, the best water is spring or natural artesian water, but NOT purified water. Use boiling fresh water to brew for 3-5 minutes. Drink light tea all the time. Add some water any time if you find the tea too strong for you. 

You may add boiling water again and again for 4-6 times, but add just enough water for one cup each time. Do not add several cups of water once or brewed for a long time before drinking. Never drink tea infused over night.

You may drink puer tea all the time. It never irritate your stomach.

You may add chrysanthemum flower, milk or honey into tea for good taste of Chrysanthemum-Puer Tea, Puer Milk Tea or honey tea.

Please Note that: You may drink it even if you are NOT over weight. You may keep tea in room temperature for a long time. Tea has not expired day and some tea may be better for keeping longer.

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Old Tree Pu-Erh Tea Black Disc

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