• Yunnan Jasmine Tea Blocks

Chinese Yunnan Jasmine Tea Blocks (Code: T014)

Ingredients: Yunnan Green Tea, Jasmine Flower.

INTRODUCING a New kid of Loose Tea from China high land: Loose Tea Blocks of Green, Black, Pu'er and Jasmine Tea, as clean as regular teabags, as beneficial as loose teas. 
Our single wrapped Loose Tea Blocks are as fresh as regular loose teas and as clean and easy to use as regular tea bags! Drinking these loose block teas lets you get more health benefits of green tea, black tea, pu'er tea and jasmine green tea! These Loose Tea Blocks ("Tea Candy") are made from organic tea tree from Yunnan, South-Western Mountains in China. 

Our Yunnan Loose Pu-Erh Tea Blocks is a special tea for China Kunming '99 Expo International with Chinese government "Safety Food Seal".

PACKAGE: 125 g (4.4 oz) Pressed Loose Green Tea and Jasmine Flowers in total, about 40 single wrapped loose tea blocks ("tea candies) in a package, each loose teabag is good for 3-4 cups of tasty tea by again adding boiling water. Note: the leaf floats to the bottom after a few minutes and no filter or special cup are needed. 

Please Note that: You may drink it even if you are NOT over weight. You may keep tea in room temperature for a long time. Tea has not expired day and some tea may be better for keeping longer.

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Yunnan Jasmine Tea Blocks

  • Product Code: T014
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