• KZ Acupressure Cupping Cups

KZ (Kangzhu) Acupressure Cupping Cups (code: A004)

KZ Acupressure Simple Cups Used with KZ Cupping Pump (Sell separately) for Chinese Cupping Treatment.

Package: One KZ Acu Simple Cup Selected from 5 sizes--3/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/4 inches (please mention sizes on Shopping Cart when checking out).

DIRECTIONSInsert and press KZ Cupping Pump to the end of a KZ Acu Simple Cup, used 2 fingers pulling back the handle of the pump several times to produce negative pressure within the cup. Then hold the cup and lose the pump. For a new cup, you may need to lose (pull back) the color valve at top. To move out a treatment cup on skin, lose (pull back) the valve.

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KZ Acupressure Cupping Cups

  • Product Code: A004
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  • $5.00

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