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Natural Herbal Tea, Diet Tea from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Bojenmi Chinese Herbal Diet White Tea

20 teabags / $5.99
Bojenmi Chinese oolong diet tea
shop bojenmi herbal diet tea

Package: 20 tea bags per box, Egret River -the famous Chinese Brand

INGREDIENTS: 50% Fukien white tea (the regular tea with lest caffeine), Hawthorn fruit, Sprout Barley, Indian bread, Tangerine peel, Selfheal spike, Lophanthus, Asian water plantain, Medicated leaven (Dried mass of a fermented mixture of wheat flour and herbs), Adzuki bean, Radish (Dikang) seed, Cassia seed.

DIRECTIONS: Add hot water to brew one teabag for 1-2 minutes, add more hot water to make 2nd or 3rd cup of tea until no taste. The Bojenmi herbal diet tea helps assist the body in maintaining healthy bowel function and manages healthy body weigh.

Hedyotis Instant Detoxifying Herbal Tea

10 sacks / $4.99
hedyotis instant tea
buy hedyotis tea

Package: 10 sacks/box, 20 g (0.7 oz) each. Click for picture of package.

INGREDIENTS: Hedyotis Diffusae (also called Oldenlandia Diffusae, Chinese "Honey Suckle", Baihua Sheshecao), Barbed Skullcap, Pearl Powder, Honey and cane sugar. (Caffeine Free)

DIRECTIONS: Add 1/2-1 cup of hot water into 1 sack of Hedyotis Instant Tea or add some sweet and good taste Chinese "Honey Suckle" into green tea or other tea, especially if you don't like the bitter taste of green tea.

Hedyotis Diffusae is used in Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas for detoxifying, clearing heat, neutralizing toxins, and some Chinese doctors use it for cancers.

Whole Psyllium Husks -Water-Soluble Natural Fiber

12 oz / $9.99
psyllium whole husk fiber
buy whole psyllium husks

Package: 12 oz package, Yerba Prima brand

INGREDIENTS: 100% whole husks of Psyllium seeds

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1 level tablespoons into one cup (at least 12 oz) of water or juice and consume immediately. Be sure to drink plenty of additional fluids throughout the day. Star with smaller amounts and gradually increase over several weeks.

Psyllium seed is used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as diuretic and anti-inflammatory herb. Its husk fiber is one of the best water-soluble natural fiber for weight lost or colon cleansing.

Blue Sea Smoking Cessation Herbal Tea

20 teabags / $11.99
smoking cessation herbal tea
buy blue see smoking cessation herbal tea

Package: Patent Chinese Herbal Formula, box of 20 teabags sealed by foil wrapper. No Caffeine, No Preservatives.

INGREDIENTS: Prince Ginseng, Peppermint, Pheretima Asiatica, Cordate Houttuynia, Polygala root etc.

DIRECTIONS: Add hot water to brew one teabag for 1-2 minutes, add more hot water to make 2nd or 3rd cup of tea until no tasting. For cleansing or weight controlling, you may take it before or after quitting.
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Disclaimer: Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas have been used for centuries and knowledge of their special properties has been collected throughout many ages. But we don't recommend use of herbs as a complete substitute for regular diagnosis or medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.
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